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In Lyon's previous match, he made his comeback expecting to defeat Jugo and become the first Triple Crown Champion.

Everything was going along well.

He was dominating Jugo, going toe to toe with the younger fighter but his superior skill was gaining him the advantage repeatedly.

But suddenly, everything changed.

Right when Lyon was going in for the kill, he got blindsided by someone and Jugo took advantage to get the victory and become the first ever Triple Crown Champ himself.

Who was it?

Turns out it was Hawk who jumped Lyon, due to their years-ago encounter when they got into each other's faces due to Lyon calling Hawk out for jumping into a match between Hunter and C.R.O.W. as revenge for Hawk's loss to C.R.O.W. in their match.

Hawk decided to wait until Lyon's most important moment to cost him that belt.

Lyon isn't happy.

Instead of making his return to BWN triumphant and with three belts, he lost the one belt he had and now can't even continue to wear the longer compression shorts he likes to wear but as a nonchamp, must wear whatever the company says.

Furious, Lyon tears into Hawk right from the start and punishes Hawk's body from beginning to end. Hawk suffers in at least a dozen different positions but he still won't give Lyon what he wants: an apology.

So, the beating continues.

Lyon contorts, bends, stretches, and otherwises brutalizes Hawk's body breaking him down limb by limb.

But Hawk won't say he's sorry.

A series of slams and suplexes reveal the new studio's concrete underlayment and take a vicious toll on Hawk's back.

Suddenly, Hawk turns it around and demands that LYON apologize!

But the comeback isn't long lasting and eventually Lyon takes control again despite Hawk's efforts at pulling Lyon's hair and everything he can think of to win.

Finally, Hawk is forced to apologize.

Lyon isn't satisfied.

He announces that Hawk has won himself a prize for that apology: continued beating!

Lyon gets his additional pound of flesh at the expense of Hawk's pounds of muscle, stretching him, humiliating him, and ultimately borrowing a line from Flex in his match against Drew by making Hawk mock himself by saying "tweet tweet!"

Hawk is utterly annihilated.

Lyon is back!


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